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Welcome to the online store of Trevor White Old Fashioned Roses. We are family run enterprise of specialist rose growers which has been trading for over 30 years. This is where you can discover more about our unique collection of roses both ancient and modern and have the chance to purchase them for your own gardens.

Our collection has been expanding steadily since we first began in 1984 and now comprises nearly 500 different varieties. They are catalogued into groupings eg Gallicas. Each group has its own distinct characteristics. The roses in each of these groups is then arranged in alphabetical order.

Our continued passion remains with the Old Roses. We feel they possess unparalleled qualities quite unlike most modern varieties. The huge variation in shape and texture of both flower and foliage married with their wonderful scents and more subtle hues make them still an excellent choice for the gardens of today.

Our Old Roses are complemented by a selection of species, modern shrub, climbing and rambling roses which represent the cream of rose evolution and development for over two thousand years. Remember the rose is not just a pretty face, often overlooked is the huge diversity in foliage, often scented itself and in shades of purple and grey as well as green and often acquiring different autumn tints. The hips can be of great decorative value especially in the winter months, and even the thorns can be admired.

We pride ourselves on producing all the roses we sell here in Norfolk. Virgin soil, good husbandry, strict grading and minimal storage ensures our roses are of the highest possible quality.