Nostalgic Roses

In 2016 we added a new collection called Nostalgic Roses by Tantau. We believe these fit well into our  range with classic fragrances and simple bright colours. They are also perfect for tighter spaces with a slightly more compact habit compared with similar roses in the Modern Shrub, Renaissance and Delbard sections.



Proper Jobs is a neat old fashioned looking red, it would look splendid in a cottage styled setting.

The peachy Rachel was the first to impress us with its distinctive frilly blooms and Gold Merit Award winner.

Global Beauty’s name describes it well,  wide yellow globular flowers with a strong tea fragrance.

Pure Poetry has tightly packed colours of red with an award winning scent.

Heavily quartered Duchess of Cornwall is stunning with bold blend of salmon hues.

Finally by far biggest of the blooms is Aphrodite and is a perfect gift to get the heart racing with its display of swirling petals.


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