Rambling Rose: Adelaide dOrleans


The tentative first shoots of snowdrops this week are a timely reminder that Spring will soon be upon us. Take the opportunity of the next few months to plant bare root roses to reap their splendours later in the year (see below) . Bare root plants are the most economical way to add trees and shrubs to your garden so spring into action like the snowdrop before it is too late.

Adelaide d’Orleans covering an arch at Mottisfont.

Adelaide d’Orleans is a very useful and beautiful rambler dating from 1826. Bred by Antoine Jacques head gardener to king Louis Phillipe it was named in honour of his twin sister.  The clusters of fragrant white blooms emerge from pink buds . The stems are very flexible making them very easy to train over a variety of structures. Recent analysis has shown this to be a hybrid of Rosa sempervirens and Old Blush.

Close up of Adelaide d’Orleans.


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