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March 26th, 2017

Only a few days left to order for this season’s bare root roses. Make sure to take a look our special offers page, there you’ll find a  fabulous selection of modern and classic roses with up to 18% off. Included is Rootgrow 60g, a great way to increase root growth for big blooms this summer. Hurry though, these prices will end once bare root season is over, so make sure to grab them while they last.

Let spring bring us the warm weather we deserve, happy planting!

Trevor White. 03/03/17

Mothers Day Sunday 26th March.

March 9th, 2017

With Mothers Day approaching why not treat your loved one to a rose for their garden. We have many varieties with special prices. Sophia is full of huge copper yellow blooms with a sweet scent. Rambling rose The Garland will wash a wall or fence with a marvellous display of frilly white flowers in summer, perfect for that cottage garden feel. If your mother is a fan of the Beatles, Penny Lane could take her fancy, it’s a sturdy climber with rich smelling champagne flowers. Or the ideal gift would be Mum in a Million, a perpetual flowering classic styled shrub, with good healthy foliage and a stunning fragrance.

Mum in a Million.  £10.95

Penny Lane. NOW £8.95

The Garland. Now £8.95

Sophia NOW £8.95


Our daughter Esme will be celebrating her first Mothers Day. A good gift from first grandchild Reuben..a few extra hours sleep.

Romantic Valentine Roses

January 26th, 2017

Why not treat your loved one to a rose that will remind them of your affections for years to come. The fabulous highly fragrant ‘Compassion would surely make an excellent gift. ‘Cupid’ and ‘Our Rose’  also spring to mind but really you could choose any rose. All roses are bare rooted and now is an excellent time to plant them. Orders placed before the 7th Feb will be guaranteed to arrive before Valentines Day. As the famous rosarian The Rev.S. Reynolds-Hole said in 1877 “He who would have beautiful roses in his garden must have beautiful roses in his heart”.

Valentine Gift Roses, order by the 7th February to guarantee delivery for Valentine’s Day. For this special occasion we are offering free  Valentine cards with any orders; during checkout please write in the ‘Safe Place’ option box your message for the card. This will be then be beautifully written by our team and delivered with your rose(s).

Shrub Rose 'Our Rose'



Its all in the Hip Action.

November 2nd, 2016

It is at this time of year we get to appreciate the wonderful hips that adorn many roses.The hips (also known as heps or haws) are the fruit of the rose and consist of a fleshy wall encasing the achenes (seeds). They are highly attractive to birds which serve as a useful means of their dispersal.Rosa stellata 'Mirifica' hips

Rosa stellata mirifica hips

Whilst most roses are grown primarily for the beauty and fragrance of their flowers the hips of many are highly ornamental in their own right and provide an added bonus during the autumn. Remember that if you want hips do not dead head your roses after flowering.That said some of the best hip bearers are once flowering varieties so dead heading would provide no benefit in such roses.



Scabrosa hips and flowers together


The flaggon shaped fruit of Rosa moyesii

The size, shape and colour of hips varies enormously and depends on the variety, so here are a few of the best:
Rosa roxburghii– also known as the Chestnut rose as the hips resemble miniature horse chestnut fruit,staying green and covered with prickles. Another prickly hipped variety is Rosa stellata Mirifica.
Rosa moyesii and its variants ‘Geranium’ and ‘Sealing Wax’ all carry large, red flaggon shaped hips that dangle like lanterns.
Rugosa roses, especially Fru Dagmar Hastrup and Scabrosa bear large round fruit the size of cherry tomatoes that often coincide with the later blooms.To me the flesh makes fine eating with a tart apple fragrance as long as you can avoid the mass of seeds within.
Many of the single flowered ramblers are massive hip bearers,Kiftsgate, Rosa helenae, Rosa longicuspis all produce large heads of tiny round red hips.
Rose hips contain large quantities of both vitamin C and vitamin A along with many minerals such as potassium,calcium and magnesium. This makes the highly beneficial in many respects,they are high in antioxidants,can boost your immune system and are great for your skin.Hips can be dried and the used to make tea or the fresh fruit made into syrups or jelly.

The latest news

September 29th, 2016

Its been another very unusual year, isn’t it always. A balmy winter with daffodils flowering at Christmas and roses flowering well into the new year if left unpruned. Now with May Day approaching we have been thrown back into winter with snow, hail and  single figure temperatures. Mother nature always seems to find a way to balance things out. Thankfully we have planted all our rose stocks which have had a good watering in and we look forward to a perfect summer with clear sunny skies by day and a gentle overnight rain…dream on.

Nostalgic Rose Aphrodite

Nostalgic Rose Aphrodite

So another year has passed and we are pleased to announce some  new additions to our Delbard and Renaissance collections along with the introduction of a small number of Nostalgic roses. The latter have been bred by Tantau of Germany and extend the range of modern roses with old fashioned looks and fragrance. They differ however in being more compact than others of this type and are  thus more suitable where space is limited. A new climber in the same mould is Cumberland bred by Harkness which bears large, full, quartered blooms of dark crimson.

Climbing Rose Cumberland

Climbing Rose Cumberland

The Persica roses are very different and novel. We have two newcomers from Chris Warner , Eye of The Tiger and Smiling Eyes which add to the colour palette. Both form compact shrubs and show outstanding resistance to disease. Also from Chris is a new highly fragrant climber Scent From Heaven which has been named as Rose of the Year 2017.

Persica Rose, Eye of The Tiger

Persica Rose, Eye of The Tiger



Of course we still have our fantastic range of Old roses which are the real stars of our collection. They are a very diverse bunch and offer something distinctly different from modern varieties.We hope you enjoy our website .

Hybrid Perpetual Paul Ricault

Hybrid Perpetual    Paul Ricault

Nostalgic Roses

August 30th, 2016

This year we’ve added a new collection called Nostalgic Roses by Tantau. We believe these fit well into our  range with their classic fragrances and simple bright colours. They are also perfect for tighter spaces with a slightly more compact habit compared with similar roses in the Modern Shrub/ Delbard sections.



Proper Jobs is a neat old fashioned looking red, it would look splendid in a cottage styled setting.

The peachy Rachel was the first to impress us with its distinctive frilly bloom and Gold Merit Award winner.

Global Beauty’s name describes it well,  wide yellow globular flowers with a strong tea fragrance.

Finally by far biggest of the blooms is Aphrodite and is a perfect gift to get the heart racing with its display of swirling petals.

NEW Rose of the year: Scent From Heaven.

July 4th, 2016

We are pleased to announce that ‘Scent from Heaven‘ is now available to purchase for bare root delivery. The grand unveiling was at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show this week. We were in fact lucky to get a first viewing at last year’s rose trails, where we were all in agreement that this is a superb quality climber. It’s also an exciting time for the breeder Warners who have most recently set the bar for the new Persica Hybrids. We always look forward to seeing what they bring next.

ROTY Scent From Heaven

ROTY Scent From Heaven

NEW: Rosa Banksiae Alba Plena and Grand Award

April 16th, 2016

We have 2 new roses to add to our expanding catalogue. ‘Alba Plena’ was the original rose bred to create the popular ‘Lutea’ sub variety. It was discovered in China and introduced into Europe by plant hunter William Kerr. Superb display of semi double white flowers in Spring, just before other roses come into their own.


Rosa Banksiae 'Alba Plena'

Rosa Banksiae ‘Alba Plena’

Grand Award caught our attention at the Glasgow Rose Trials and since we started growing it ourselves, we’ve seen no signs of disease or weakness. We think this picture Trevor took in August, demonstrates its appeal perfectly. An excellent choice for a healthy red climbing rose.

Grand Award

Grand Award


Choosing shade tolerant roses?

March 1st, 2016




List of Shrub Roses for Partial Shade     (Picture Buff Beauty)


List of Ramblers/Climbers for North-facing Walls
(Picture Mme Alfred Carriere)

To make it easier for you we have a full listing of shade tolerant roses, but here are a few things you need to consider before choosing the right rose for a shadier spot.
1. Amount of sunlight. Most roses prefer full sun, this means over 6 hours of direct sunlight. Roses suited for more shade will grow well in 4 hours of sun or through filtered light such as woodland. Partial sun is essential.
2. Flowering period. A rose in shade will flower less, therefore it may be better to choose a variety that produces clusters of small flowers e.g Ballerina, Iceberg, Felicite et Perpetue. Perpetual flowering roses such as Hybrid Musks can prolong the flowering period. One benefit to having less sun is that your flower heads will last longer.
3. Care.  Good soil is essential, if it’s too wet, boggy or dry, you may have to mix in more organic material. If you do have poor soil it may be good to choose a disease resistant variety such as a Rugosa,  e.g Hansa.
4. Growth. A rose will grow taller than if it were in full sun. This may be beneficial for covering a wall quicker, although you will need to keep on top of pruning, so make sure to tie in shoots horizontally as soon as possible to improve flowering.

At Trevor White Old Fashioned Roses we have a large selection of roses for partial shade, north and east facing walls. Many old garden roses are closely related to Species roses which were discovered among dark dense hedgerows, these include Albas and Gallicas. Hybrid Musk’s are especially shade tolerant, these repeat well too.



• Antique
• Altissimo
• Awakening
• Blush Noisette
• Casino
• Clair Matin
• Iceberg
• Dortmund
• Dublin Bay
• Galway Bay
• Golden Showers
• Mermaid
• Mme Alfred Carriere
• Mme Caroline Testout
• Mme Gregoire Staechelin
• New Dawn
• Zepherine Drouhin



Rambling Rector (Rambler)

• Albéric Barbier
• American Pillar
• Bobbie James
• Felicite et Perpetue
• Ghislaine de Féligonde
• Paul’s Himalayan Musk
• Rambling Rector
• The Garland
• Veilchenblau
Species Roses


R.suffulta (Species)

• Rosa glauca
• Rosa moyesii
• Rosa suffulta
• Stanwell Perpetual


Felicite Parmentier (ALBA)

• Alba Semi-plena
• Celestial
• Félicité Parmentier
• Maiden’s Blush
• Queen of Denmark
• Pompon Blanc Parfait
Hybrid Musks


Moonlight (Hybrid Musk)

• Buff Beauty
• Cornelia
• Felicia
• Francesca
• Lavender Lassie
• Moonlight
• Penelope
• Sally Holmes


Hansa (Rugosa)

• Blanc Double de Coubert
• F.J. Grootendorst
• Hansa
• Roseraie de l’Haÿ
• Rosa rugosa Alba
• Scabrosa
David Austin English Roses
• Gertrude Jekyll
• Mary Rose
Old Garden Roses Including Gallicas and Damasks


Madame Hardy (Damask)

• Complicata
• Duchesse de Montebello
• Jacques Cartier
• Mme. Hardy
• Mme. Isaac Péreire
• Officinalis
• Rose de Rescht
• Tuscany Superb
Modern Shrub


Ballerina (Modern Shrub)

• Gloria Mundi
• Ballerina
• Marie Parvie
• The Fairy
• Yesterday

Our Rose Hip Syrup Recipe

February 28th, 2016


Recipe for Rose Hip Syrup

2lbs(1Kg) Rose Hips -We find that Rugosa roses produce the tastiest hips.

6pints (3 litres ) Water

1lb (500g ) Sugar

Wash hips and remove stalks and sepals, mince in a blender. Add to 4 pints of boiling water. Bring back to the boil and remove from heat.

Leave for 15 mins then strain through a jelly bag extracting as much juice as possible.

Return the pulp to the pan with a further 2pints of boiling water. Bring back to the boil, remove and leave for 10 mins. Strain.


Mix the two strainings  and boil  until reduced to 2 pints.

Add the sugar, stirring until disolved, bring back to the boil  and keep boiling for 5 mins. Pour into small clean warm bottles (sterilized in oven at 180C for 10 mins). Seal .

Keep in fridge . Keeps for 6-8 weeks.

Dr. Lois White a registered nutritionist says ‘Rose hips have been found to be extremely high in phenolics and ascorbic acid ( vit C ) which work as anti-oxidants in our bodies. They are able to scavenge free radicals which cause many diseases including some cancers.’